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Welcome to the BioMatCompany...RichWay International & Fuji Bio’s Premier Distributor Group. We offer a comfortable and informative learning space for you to expand your knowledge and increase your healing potential. The BioMat Company offers the highest level of Customer Support from purchase decisions through the lifetime of your BioMat ownership, you can feel comfortable calling or emailing us anytime.

In 2005 The BioMat came to Florida and slowly made its way to us...Quite by coincidence...or maybe not. AS we know the Universe works in wonderful and mysterious ways.

Our first experiences with the BioMat were profound and lead us on a journey that continues today…..Sharing the BioMat with family, friends and Practitioners, listening to their needs and then learning of the undeniable benefits they had gained from regular use of their BioMats. This gave us the desire to help others outside our circle, and so The BioMat Company was established.

Collectively we are a GLOBAL TEAM of Distributors, more like old friends, that have attracted amazing Medical Practitioners from all modalities, brilliant Business People and fabulous everyday Folks, to share the benefits of the BioMat with those that need or want to reach out to others. Our Products represent Quantum healing at its finest. Grounded in world class scientific studies and evidence based, our FDA registered products have been helping people around the world since 1997. We pride ourselves in the quality and accuracy of the information we share. Enjoy our space...

To Your Good Health!

The BioMat Company