Life Without Pain

by Sang Whang

Science and Health Series
Article Number 9


It is a universal desire of mankind to live a long, pain-free healthy life. Science finally discovers the common cause of aging, pain and degenerative adult diseases. Now you can learn the scientific natural way to extend your life without pain.

When we are under severe stress or over-exert ourselves, we create large concentrations of acidic wastes in particular area(s) in a short time, too fast for the normal body process to disperse them. This is the cause of pain. Also, when that happens, because acid coagulates blood, the capillaries around the concentration get clogged; therefore, blood cannot get into that area to carry out the wastes. It is a vicious cycle. Unattended, the pain can last for a long time. We take painkillers to alleviate the pain; but we know very well that it does not remove the cause of the pain but fools our brain so that we do not feel the pain. When the effect of the medicine wears out, the pain returns. Furthermore, these pills create negative side-effects.

Concentrated wastes must be dispersed to eliminate the cause of pain. Massage, vibrators, hot baths, magnets, and far-infrared heating pads are all effective means. However, far-infrared pads are the best, because FIR heat expands the clogged up capillaries to allow warm blood to penetrate into the area and pull out the concentrated acids (such as lactic acid) and disperse them to the cooler area by blood circulation and heat transfer. When there is a small area of either very hot or cold temperature, the body tries to even out the temperature by forcing the flow of blood.

Hot baths and far-infrared sauna can help also; however, since they heat the whole body, the process of transfer is slow. Concentrated deep-penetrating heat on the painful area is the fastest way to disperse the acid wastes and relieve the pain. We commonly misunderstand that an inflamed area is hotter than the rest of the body and we use an ice pack. The ice pack cools the affected area, thus forcing blood to flow into the colder area to maintain uniform body temperature. But since the capillaries are closed, the blood flow is slow.

When there is an injury, the inflamed area is hot because a large amount of nutrients is being burnt rapidly. That is how a concentration of waste products gets formed. An ice pack may work better at that time. Usually that is not the time we feel pain. The pain starts a little bit later when the blood circulation around that area stops. It takes longer to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain with ice than with a localized far-infrared heating pad.

The following thermographs show an injured knee recovering in a week after three treatments by a far-infrared pad. Note: The inflamed area is cold because blood is not circulating there.

Alkaline water neutralizes acids; however, it cannot penetrate into the painful area because of the clogged-up capillaries surrounding the area. Once heat pulls the acids out, alkaline water can then neutralize them and dispose of them safely through the kidneys.


Aging, degenerative diseases and pains are all caused by a common cause: the accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes. Alkaline water is the solution to neutralize these wastes and help the body eliminate them safely. However, when it comes to pain or long-term chronic conditions such as arthritis, it needs the help of a far-infrared pad to relieve the pain fast.

Some diseases generally develops deep inside the body where there are no nerve endings for us to feel the pain. If a concentration of acidic pool is formed in such a place, we can go on living without feeling anything there. Left alone for a long time, harmful cells can develop and grow. By the time we feel something, it could be too late. This is why doctors tell us to have regular check-ups to detect such a growth at an early stage. I urge you to drink alkaline water regularly so that such an acid accumulation does not stay there for too long.

In order to live and extend a healthy life without pain, we must use the double-prong attack of far-infrared pad and alkaline water. The ultimate goal of living a long and pain-free life is to get the acidic wastes out of the body. The far-infrared pad disperses concentrated acidic wastes and alkaline water helps the body dispose of them safely.