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Alkal-Life 7000SL - Antioxidant Water System 120V
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Alkal-Life 7000SL - Antioxidant Water System  120V
The Alkal-life 7000SL™ is the world's most advanced technology in water ionization and purification.

Ionized hydrogen water oxygenates cells and removes free radicals, creating an environment essential to deterring bacteria, inflammation and disease. The molecular structure of the water is smaller allowing more hydration and better detoxification.

Features include:
  • FDA certification as a medical device
  • A touch screen to make system easy to use
  • Self-diagnostics to automatically alert filter changes and other system requirements
  • A refined, advanced calibration system that accurately defines the pH level, creating higher ionization
  • A platinum pin, creating smaller water clusters and higher ionization
  • A filter that contains silver, eliminating bacteria more effectively, creating pristine ionized water
  • 10,000 gallon filter capacity
  • Our satisfied customers have compared much higher priced systems that range from $2,000 to $4,000
  • Patented internal design has eliminated pipes and hoses that often require repairs in other ionizers, making this unit one of the most reliable on the market today
  • The hardware and software in the Alkal-Life 7000SL surpass that of any other water ionizer - regardless of price, exceeding the competition in quality, performance, and reliability

Retail: $2,500.00 + Free Shipping